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Operate your ROMY via app and voice control!

To take full advantage of ROMY's features and to use the voice control, control your robot with the app.
Click here to download the app:
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Android Playstore

If you have any questions about the app, first check the FAQs directly in the app, the most common questions are answered there. If you still have questions, please use our form on the contact page.

You will have several advantages of using the ROMY app:

After a short exploration run, ROMY provides a map of the apartment via the ROMY app. As the map is available from the very beginning, you can immediately give targeted cleaning orders, create no-go zones and thus, for example, avoid that the robot gets stuck on cables. Carry your robot to different floors - with the function to create up to three different maps, your ROMY will always find its way.

You can easily create important cleaning areas in the ROMY app. Your robot does the cleaning quickly, cleans your predefined areas carefully and then returns to the station on its own.

If ROMY should stay away from certain areas, just create no-go zones in the app. ROMY then omits them during cleaning. You can also deactivate the restricted areas that ROMY cleans it again. Define the rooms of your living environment in the ROMY app. If you defined e. g. your kitchen, the children's room or the anteroom, you can send ROMY directly there via Alexa voice control. “Alexa, tell Romy robot to clean the kitchen!”

Your robot learns to estimate the time it needs over several cleaning runs. In the app, you can always see its cleaning schedule, its progress and the remaining duration of the cleaning process. Assuming there are 3 rooms to clean in your apartment, ROMY tells you in which order he cleans them and how long it will take him to finish.

Nobody's home? This is the perfect time to clean. Set fixed days, times, rooms and areas in the app. ROMY cleans autonomously and independently. Spontaneous visit? No problem: activate ROMY on the go and everything is done when you get home.

ROMY has four different cleaning modes that you can set via the app.

In the app you can assign certain floor types to rooms or areas. By means of a sensor, ROMY knows whether the wiping module is installed or not and accordingly excludes carpet surfaces.

Whether the cleaning is done or the dust bin needs to be emptied - you receive a push notification on your mobile phone. Accurate records of the total area cleaned, cleaning time, journeys and distance travelled, can also be checked in your ROMY robot app.