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Warranty terms

Status: July 2022

Robart GmbH grant consumer a warranty on this advertised new device ("product") in accordance with the conditions which follow. Any existing statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this warranty promise. In the event of Consumers product being defective, Consumer may therefore also directly contact the seller of the product, free of charge, without any restrictions, and regardless of whether a warranty case exists.

Duration of the warranty

The warranty is granted for a period of 24 months. This period starts from the date of the purchase invoice for the respective product.


The warranty claim must be made within the warranty period and immediately after the defect is detected.

The warranty conditions apply exclusively to products purchased within Europe, through an authorized dealer or directly through Robart. Consumers are not entitled to transfer claims under this warranty to third parties without Robarts previous consent.

In order to make a warranty claim, Consumer may contact an authorized contact Robarts dealer, whose contact information can be found on Robarts official website THIS NEEDS TO BE CLARIFIED

Provide the serial number of the product, as well as the original purchase invoice. The invoice has to have the date of purchase and the complete product details.

Care should be taken to avoid any damage to the products happening during transit, by packing them safely.

Scope of the warranty

The warranty refers to the absence of defects in the advertised product, including its functionality. Defects in our products, which are proven to be due to a material and/or production defect, will be repaired by Robart GmbH. Should a defect take place during the warranty period, Robart GmbH will, at our discretion:

  • repair the product or
  • replace the product with a new one, or with a product manufactured from new or serviceable used parts, that is at least functionally equivalent to the original product ("Replacement Product").

In the case of justified warranty claims, no shipping costs will incur to Consumer, i.e. Robart will reimburse Consumer for any shipping costs which incur when shipping the product to Robart. Otherwise, Robart GmbH will bear the necessary expenses, such as labor or part replacement costs. Expenses required for thispurpose will be borne by Robart (e.g. labor and transport costs). However, Robart reserve the right to reclaim from Consumer the transport costs incurred in the event of an unlawfully asserted warranty.

Parts repaired or replaced during the warranty period are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or for ninety (90) days from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer. Warranty service does not extend the warranty period, nor does it start a new warranty period. The warranty period for installed replacement parts ends with the warranty period for the entire product. A warranty service does not extend the warranty period, nor does it start a new one. The warranty period for the installed placement parts ends with the waranty period for the entire product, or after ninety (90) days from the date of repair/replacement, whichever is longer.

The products will be provided to consumer as soon as possible after the defect has been remedied, or as a replacement unit. All replaced parts or products become our property.


This warranty does not cover:

  • batteries or rechargeable batteries;
  • accessories;
  • other consumables such as filters or brushes, disposable bags, cleaning cloths or solutions.

Consumers are not entitled to any further claims, or claims other than those mentioned above, in particular claims for damages, under this warranty.

Scope of the warranty

Warranty claims are excluded in the event of defects or other malfunctions of the products that are due to:

  • normal wear and tear due to correct use of the product;
  • minor deviations from the nominal condition, which are insignificant for the value and usability of the product;
  • improper handling, operation or other stress, such as the use of unsuitable cleaning agents;
  • non-observance of operating or assembly instructions or safety precautions;
  • external influences beyond our control, such as the use of force by blows, damage caused by natural events, failures, fluctuations or interruptions in the power or internet supply;
  • Repairs and impacts carried out by ourselves or by persons who have not been authorized by us to do so or;
  • the use of spare parts, consumables unsuitable for the products and/or not provided or recommended by us;
  • transport damage for which we are not responsible.
  • Additionally, the product's serial number/device identification number must not have been removed, erased, damaged, altered, or made illegible in any way.

Darüber hinaus darf die Seriennummer/Geräteidentifikationsnummer des Produkts weder entfernt, gelöscht, beschädigt, verändert oder in irgendeiner Weise unleserlich gemacht worden sein.

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