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The powerful professional
for larger households

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Our pet hair specialist

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Your smart vacuuming and mopping robot
with LIDAR front laser technology

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  • ROMY C5 – for an advanced and smart cleaning experience.
  • ROMY L6 Performance - a powerful professional for large households.
  • ROMY L6 Animal - perfect for animal lovers and allergy sufferers.


Efficient, wet, dry, safe and clean

You decide: only dry or dry and wet cleaning at the same time with an easily contagious water tank. With the replaceable fine particle filter and the easy-to-plug wiping module, all ROMY models keep your home dust-free and hygienically clean.

Developed and designed in Austria

The idea of the ROMY Robot originated in Upper Austria and is constantly being developed and improved there by our experts.

European Data Server

Data security is particularly important to us. Therefore, your data always stays on our own server and never reaches third parties.

ROMY adapts to your needs

Some areas of an apartment simply need more attention. No problem, you can send ROMY, for example, to the bowl every time your dog finished eating.

Smart navigation including drop sensor

Thanks to its intelligent LIDAR front laser navigation, your robot reacts immediately to obstacles and changes in its environment. As a result, he rarely bumps against furniture, recognizes steps, always knows where he is and finds his way back to the station after the work is done. After a first exploration run, your ROMY is immediately ready for use!

Super flat due to the built-in front laser

Thanks to the built-in front laser, our ROMY robots have a low height and even clean in areas that are hard to reach, such as under cabinets or the couch. No more bending down when vacuuming!

Operate your ROMY via app and voice control!

Smart functions with the ROMY Robot App

  • Clean all or selected rooms
  • Define days and times in the calendar for automatic cleaning
  • Watch live-cleaning
  • Receive a notification when the dust bin is full, doors need to be opened etc. - Define no-go areas or spot clean areas

Define hard floor or carpet, ROMY automatically omits carpets during wet cleaning. Define days and times for automatic calendar cleaning, ROMY does the work independently. The timeline tells you in which order ROMY cleans your rooms, the cleaning countdown shows you how long your robot needs to do it.

Voice control via Alexa and Siri

Define the rooms in the ROMY Robot App. If you have set e. g. your kitchen, children's room or anteroom, you can send ROMY directly there via voice control. “Alexa/Siri, tell ROMY to clean the children's room!” You can find the voice commands on the Amazon Skills page.

Quick and precise mapping

Use all features of the app immediately after your first exploration run! Thanks to the smart navigation, ROMY reacts to obstacles and adjusts the map. Your robot always finds its way back to the station.

Different modes: strong, silent, eco & more

ROMY can automatically reduce the volume in certain rooms or areas, for example in the nursery.
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  • 2 year warranty

  • 100% safe payment